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Quick Reference to the simplest adequate Formulation of the Amehsi Specification

Clinicians, Health Providers, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainers, Patients and Health Consumer should expect a 90+ percent improvement health status, health conditions and number of adverse health events.

This site demonstrates causal factors, ability to prevent and alleviate all disease and detrimental outcomes. The username and Password are as follows.


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How to Use this list

A. The supplemental factor list and work with a health profession if you have been told that there is no way to improve a detrimental health medical, behavioral, social or structural condition.

Use this list, Review the Supplement List Link and interact with a health services practitioner to assure optimal health and manage risk of detrimental health or detrimental behavioral outcomes

B. All Health Practitioners and Clinicians should read the Fundamentals, Diagnostic/Treatment and Study/Summary, but the Diagnostic/Treatment exhibit everything required to integrate these health and behavior prioritizing factors into practice. The other material on the site helps clinical confidence. 

C. and business should review prototypes, RFP, Initiatives, and the documentation for important analytical information

D. Behavior management, Human Rights, Safety/Security, Care, Civil Rights, Legislative, Instrumentation, Review and social systems interests, including liberty assurance, may want to begin with Study/summary information, Diagnostics/therapeutics, and then review fundamentals and documents to quickly produce ways to improve Human outcomes.

E. Researchers and Skeptics have access to the fundamentals, Summary, and early review and research artifacts in their unrevised versions

The List

  1. Use Dimethylacethetine or Sulfobetaine Therapeutically.

  2. Manage the cumulative Sources of iNOS including psychological/physical restraint, Atmospheric Particulate factors, Energy field exposure, choline deficiency, less than optimal bacterial, viral, microbial factors. Restraint of physiological nature may be factor in sudden early developmental abated vital being, particularly when uncoupling of NOS occurs, and restraint of physiological, psychological or symbolic nature may increase risk of abated vital being as well as may likely be a contributing or exacerbating factor in exhibition of abated vital being generally.

  3. Abate toxic, deteriorating habits, exposure or influence. These suggest that particular systemic actions may have an inherent propensity to cause detrimental behavior and cause abated vital being. It is recommended that humans affected by systems in such regard  move themselves to new locations or extricate their information from such systems or both.

  4. Don't Drink unfiltered water from the spigot or unfiltered water because of the potential for Arsenic, Nitrosamine, Mercury, Chlorine and Fluorine as well as particular  Heavy or Toxic Metals which Methylation Pathways exacerbate during Methylation,  PEMT pathway metabolites cannot structurally deteriorate as such metabolites due for every natural toxin and Carcinogen, and which require active Thetin-Homocysteine Methyltransferase production of Methylthioglycolic Acid then Glycolyic Acid to Manage, but inadequate sulfur deactivates Thetin-Homocyteine Methyltransferase by linking its intramolecular Sulfphides into a gel phases which prevents access to the  catalytically active Sulphides by Thiol/Sulphone metabolism.

  5. Use Ancient Pink Himalayan Sea Salt instead of Table Salt for Hygiene, Nutrition and Flavoring and take 1/4 Teaspoon each day.

  6. Use Healthy, Natural Sugar Substitute for as a Sweetener such as Xylitol, Mannose, or other Alternatives to relieve islet B Cellular Entity Distress from potent and high levels of Sugars which cause Apoptosis and cause Islet B Cellular entities to dedifferentiate into other kinds of cellular entities and phenotypes of other organisms.

  7. Cover all power outlets in the Home and power strips in dwellings, as well as utilize emf protection capabilities for electronic devices, communications devices, and somatically during emergencies or for chronic conditions as well as a prophylaxis to prevent conditions. The anecdotal experience observes that doing this can result in about 75 percent ore decrease in energy costs by a consumer and in at least one instance resulted in the energy company paying the consumer for several months with rebates until the power meter at the home could be recalibrated. Energy companies implementing coating or insulation of energy stations, energy lines and homes are likely to experience correlated decreases in energy production requirements, extend the vital being of customers, protect customers by alleviate a strong causal factor of adverse behavior, and relieve the requirement for importing current or energy production factors. All of these reflect consumer value, customer intimacy, Human priority.

  8. During an emergency or therapeutically, utilize a durable and as thick as possible flat artifact, piece of multilayered folded paper, cardboard, plastic, or other, cover the middle of the upper back where the back becomes the neck at the location where an Osteoporosis hump or bump might typically be exhibited.  This recommendation can also cause Osteoporosis Humps and tissue at the back of the neck to become soft and be removed by typical metabolic processes. Also cover the neck, the ears, eyes, and nose.  If no tape is available and if using hands, cover these successively including the mouth and orifices into physiology as well as areas where only soft tissue covers entrance into physiology. Using EMF protection material can assist durable material in effectiveness.  Electromagnetic Fields, Spatial, and Atmospheric Pressurization, as well as magnetic fields, and sonic influences are essential factors which cause sudden adverse health event cascades to progress to culminating acute phases or outcomes. Uncoupling of Nitric Oxide Synthases, Inducible Nitic Oxide Synthase, Hypochlorite, Superoxide, H2O2, and Peroxynitrite each constitute any infarct or tissue damaging pathology cascade. Managing entry of these fields into physiology, using EMF protection factors, using Kuvan/Sapropterin, Tetrahydrobiopterin, Methylmethionine, Vanadium, L-Arginine, NAD+, Choline, Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione, Peroxiredoxin 6. Folate, Zinc, 5,6,7,8 Methyltetrahydrofolate, inhibitors of iNOS, managers of uNOS, managing Trimethylamine-N-Oxide using Broad Spectrum Antibiotics, 3,3DMB, Grapeseed Extract, TMA Lyase Inhibitors, Trimethylglycine, low levels of Omega-3,  inhibitors of AP1 or Berberine, inhibitors of SP1 or Curcumin, inhibitors of MCP-1, and other Neuroprotectants can completely abate and reverse infarcts particularly when mechanical, supplemental, and therapeutic capabilities are applied. These factors have been known to reverse a paralytic status and reverse the exhibition of abated vital rhythms. Covering the complete length of the spine, the circumference and crown of the head, bony structures of the face such as cheekbones, areas around the locus of pathology including at the surface of physiology above such areas may be important and may become necessary as fields adjust themselves. Changing addresses in online websites, information systems, or organizations which have one’s information, as well as removing contact numbers, energy protecting homes, and being aware that energy fields can increase in focus on individuals once others are not around or incur adverse outcomes to no longer be available to divert conductible energy. It is important to take action in this regard, including ingesting bottled water or filtered water, at the first sign of cardiovascular health events, any adverse health event, or adverse behavior.  It is recommended that location on phones once emergency response have acquired location, any communications protocols, or active internet requests, all be abated during such emergencies also. Integrated CalmodulinCa2+ can derive iNOS of substrate and allow eNOS/nNOS to function normally and therapeutically. Ca2+ depletion and NAD+ depletion both cause massive disruption of Phospholipase/Phosphodiesterase/Acyltransferase/FattyAcylSynthesis/FattyAcylIntegration modalities of Fatty Acid Shuffling, Antiinflammatory Ether Linked Omega-3, Extended Length Arachidonate Fatty Acid Integration and may also increase substrate availability for IPAG26/Ankyrin-PLA2-1/2 which are Ankyrin exhibiting molecules which inhibit P53. Inhibition of p53 without adequate Choline and without upregulation of PEMT1/PEMT2 transforms Anaerobic Glycolysis in any tissue except actively exercising muscle tissue into pathogenic Aerobic Glycolysis, a feature of almost every disease. It is advisable for communities to request energy and telecommunications organizations to insulate wiring, energy stations, transformers and other factors which emit energy using EMF protection Material, Paint, or PVC.  It may useful and essential to also request that utility companies implement filtering at each Home to remove Chlorine and Fluorine which may also cause expression of iNOS.  Bottle or filtered water can be useful otherwise. Although typical Table Salt which has Glass, Sand or other vasculature scratching ability does not cause iNOS, these do cause vasculature impairment that also impairs management of calcium in circulatory pathways as well as increases the requirement for Vitamin K2 to prevent Ca2+ from being integrated into tissue Calcification. Requesting businesses preparing food to sue Ancient Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and only using this version of Salt in foods can improve health status.  Other than inhibiting iNOS using Curcumin or other inhibitors of iNOS, it may be necessary to request an energy free/protected area or traveling to energy free areas while supplementing with Choline to remove iNOS as a hidden enabling factor to every pathology, pain, viral condition or disease.  iNOS is required for every virus by allowing viruses to escape the Toxic Plasma Membrane Interstitial Space, produces apertures in the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Plasma Membrane which allow escape of Viruses, depletion of Ca2+, sequestering of Ca2+ from eNOS/nNOS, sequesters Ca2+ and L-Arginine from the extracellular Space and channels these directly to iNOS enzymes, disrupts Myelin Basic Protein, cause Collapses of the Sarcolemma and cellular sheathing, produces and amoeba shape in cellular entities, causes systemic gradients in Ca2+ to change as iNOS begins to deplete Ca2+ directly from Bones causing disruption of Marrow, Erythrocyte/Leukocyte/Monocyte and Stem Cellular productions including disruption of pluripotent stem cellular production. iNOS also inhibits PEMT1/PEMT2 which is required for every version of Oncology, Lymphoma and Leukemia, as well as is required for almost every disease and sudden adverse health event. iNOS can assist Homocysteine/S-Adenosylhomocysteine and Trimethylamine-N-Oxide is the primary causes of almost every sudden adverse health event.  Sudden Adverse behavior is typically included as being caused by these factors. Choline Inadequacy, iNOS and inhibited PEMT, cause upregulation of Phospholipase C, Diacylglycerol and IP3, which perform the perforation of Endoplasmic Reticular Membranes and Plasma Membranes. Choline Inadequacy, iNOS and inhibited PEMT, also cause Phospholipase D exhibition.  Phospholipase D causes negative curvature of membranes resulting in fission and fusion of membranes as well as producing the Endosomes or Vesicles which viruses and microbes utilize to escape into the intracellular environment. Escape of Microbes within Endosomes result in escape from the toxic reactive molecular species and MHC Histocompatibility Complex Monitoring occurring within the Plasma Membrane Interstitial Space, both of which are essential features of Adaptive Cellular and Humoral Immunity. Choline availability, iNOS inhibition and management of inhibitors of PEMT such as inhibiting AP1, SP1, Trimethylamine-N-Oxide, Homocysteine, uncouple Nitric Oxide Synthase, Nitrosamine, Indoleamine-N-Dioxygenase, Chlorine, Fluorine, and management of energy exposures, can stop most if not all viral epidemics, pandemics, or outbreaks. Choline, Curcumin or iNOS/SP1 inhibitors, Berberine of AP1 inhibitors, S-Methylmethionine together may be adequate enough accomplish this, although energy protection is essential to prevent escalation of pathology and management of Uncouple Nitric Oxide Synthase may be essential to abate an infarct.

  9. Broad Spectrum Antibiotic 3 times each year or during any sudden adverse health event, a regular laxative, probiotic/prebiotic/postbiotic.  If ingesting Meat, Chicken, Eggs or Fish, or solid Choline and Phosphatidylcholine exhibiting Foods, then these are essential. 3,3DMB, Grapeseed Extract, Fruity Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, or other Probiotic Foods help prevent the number 1 cause of sudden adverse health events and sudden adverse behavior.

  10. Drink Water Daily.  Unflavored Bodyarmour Water manages Nitrosamines and reconstitutes slow wave neurological potential in the Digestive Pathway. Unflavored Bai Water provides essential Selenomethionine for Nordic Countries or other areas deficient in Selenium and in management of Toxic or Heavy Metals.

  11. Utilize the link to the page with the advanced formulations if managing pathology

  12. CRISPR Gene Editing

  13. Nattokinase/Serrapeptase if no impaired ability to exhibit coagulation exists.

  14. 800 mg raw, uncooked, Choline

  15. 300 mg of Phosphatidylcholine

  16. 200 mg of S-Methylmethionine, obtainable as the product Gastromend-HP

  17. 400 mg of Methylsulfonylmethane

  18. 300 mg of Trimethylglycine

  19. 500 mcg of Methyltetrahydrofolate

  20. 50 mg of NAD+

  21. 50 mg of NADH

  22. 250 mg of Grapeseed Extract

  23. 500 mg of mixed Nucleotide Supplements (100 mg of Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP), 100 mg of Thymidine monophosphate (TMP), 100 mg of Cytidine Monophosphate (CMP), 100 mg Guanosine Monophosphate (GMP), 100 mg Uridine Monophosphate (UMP))

  24. 4 mg of Tetrahydrobiopterin

  25. Kidney Stuff by Golden Standards

  26. Beta-TCP by Biotics Research

  27. Whole Glandular by Traditional Foods or TDW

  28. 400 MG of L-Arginine

  29. 2 mg of Vanadyl Sulfate

  30. 40 mg of Catalase

  31. 40 mg of Superoxide Dismutase

  32. 200 mg of Glutathione

  33. 50 mg of Selenomethionine

  34. 50 mg of 5,6,7,8 Methyltetrahydrofolate

  35. 2 mg of Molybdenum

  36. Phosphatidylserine topically and supplementally to enhance the negative polarization or basic characteristics at cellular membranes for coagulation cascade to be essential.  Only if there is no risk for Ischemia or risk for coagulation.

  37. Dimethylsulfoxide for massive structural or tissues impairment along with the factors here which assure PEMT function and Thetin-Homocysteine Methylpherase Metabolism.

  38. Calmodulin/Ca2+ integrated to inhibit iNOS, activate nNOS/eNOS, inhibit uNOS, Dilate the Caveolae to activate signal transduction, and stop/destablize/inhibit/prevent infarcts.  L-Arginine, Tetrahydrobiopterine, Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, Vanadium, together with Calmodulin/Ca2+ integrated and the other factors in this list

  39. 50 mg Diverse Mineral Supplement

  40. 50 mg Diverse Vitamin Supplement

  41. 50 mg of Complete B Vitamin (B6, B12, Niacin, Thiamin, Biotin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid) with all versions including B12 Methyl Cobalamin

  42. 30 mg of Cystathionine

  43. 50 mg of Lysophosphatidylcholine

  44. 20 mg of Phosphatidylethanolamine

  45. 25 mg of Microalgae Omega 3 with EPA and DHA

  46. 1 mg 3,3-Dimethyl-1-butanol

  47. 2 mg of Vitamin K2

  48. 10 mg of Red Sage or Danshen

  49. 10 mg of Vitamin D3




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